99% of Relationship Problems Would be Solved If…

Each person took the time to set their mind completely on the other person.

This is so simple, so self-proving, yet so hard for us to do. We are hard-wired to do the opposite. Typically the best we do is throw the other person a token consideration and then double down on proving our own point.

Failing to learn and value the desires of other people is the reason…

  • …many men are unsuccessful in approaching women. They’re trying to get her attention instead of giving it from the heart.
  • …many job interviews fail. People try to sell themselves instead of learning how to make their employer’s life easier.
  • …many parents have no relationship with their children. They haven’t taken the time to look at the world through their eyes.

It’s also the reason some fast food workers will interrupt you for a clarification that they would have gotten had they not interrupted.

It’s simple; it’s not easy. It takes a massive amount of humility and vulnerability, but it works wonders in almost every situation you can imagine.

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