My Favorite Marketing Slogan of All Time

There’s a small part of me that disdains advice on how to stop procrastinating, how to get more done, and how to find motivation. It’s not because I’m a superhero. I struggle with those things all the time too. I sometimes disdain this advice because I think misses the point.

When you have to get something done, it gets done. 

The reason we struggle so much with motivation is that we don’t have to do the thing we’re procrastinating about—not really

As much as we would love the promotion, as much as we would love to get shredded and fit, as much as we would love to read more, we don’t have to.

But when you will certainly get fired if something doesn’t get done at your job, you show up early and stay late without even being asked. When your wedding is approaching and you are determined to lose 30 pounds for the big day, you happily say no to the birthday cake. When the exam is a week away, you sit down and read.

And you don’t need a single word to get motivated. 

Motivational speeches only exist for people who would like to get things done, not people who have to

This leads me to my favorite marketing slogan of all time: Just Do It.

There are a lot of things we desperately want, but they are self-generated desires and no one in the world will care if we don’t do them. It’s these types of challenges the phrase speaks to so well. In three words it gives you all the explanation and motivation you need.

So while I enjoy tips and tricks to stay motivated and form good habits, they pale in comparison to owning your actions and relentlessly taking full responsibility.

Don’t wait until you have it all figured out or find the perfect tool or buy the perfect program or meet the perfect person. In some ways, as sad as it sounds, you are alone in this world. You may have people who love you, but when it comes to your personal goals, it’s you vs. you. 

The future you is counting on you.

Just Do It.

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