What Makes a Good Impression?

Think of how many different kinds of impressions we try to leave on people. We’d like for them to think we’re:

  • Attractive
  • Smart
  • Fit
  • Rich
  • Cool
  • Stylish
  • Popular
  • Successful
  • Experienced
  • Creative
  • Driven

These are all distractions. The only 2 impressions that matter, especially at the beginning, are:

  • Kindness
  • Interest in Me

When you feel these two things, you instantly want to be friends with a person, but if these are missing, none of the others matter.

People care about themselves more than they care about you, so when you talk about their lives you are automatically talking about their favorite subject. All that interest you craved from them appears like a rabbit out of a hat.

Remember that next time you’re desperate to make a good impression.

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