Some things that add value can become detractors in a matter of seconds if done too much.

Vocal runs. – Do one and it could enhance the emotion. Do them constantly, and I become utterly dead to any emotion you hoped to spark in me.

Sharing achievements. – If you see a guy at the pool who takes his shirt off incidentally and you see his abs, you might have respect, but even the slightest hint that he wants you to see them and you’re done. Get out of here, Cary. If you hear that a friend wins an award, you might feel proud of them. If they tell you about it on four separate occasions, your interest vanishes.

Sharing knowledge. – A few tidbits here and there and I’m interested. Constant impartation or correction without me asking for it and I’m bored to a river of tears.

Worry. – A small amount helps keep us safe. It makes us double check our locked doors, or buy a life insurance policy, or ask a person who seems down if they’re okay.





Moderation is everything.

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