Habits of Failure

In How to Own Your Own Mind, Napoleon Hill records a statement from Andrew Carnegie that has been echoing in my thoughts since I heard it weeks ago.

Carnegie defined some of the habits of failure as:

  1. Fear
  2. Indecision
  3. Procrastination
  4. Indifference to Opportunity

The mere listing of those four habits struck some sort of nerve with me. I already know that success tends to come into my life to the degree I attack those habits.

Each of us is held back by some version or some combination of those 4 habits. Think of how much opportunity passes by us unused, and we don’t mourn this because we’re too burdened by selfish or slothful habits to value it rightly.

I’ve been trying to attack procrastination in myself more than ever. This looks like telling myself 20-30 times a day, “No bull.” There’s so much BS in my habits. So much slack I cut myself. So many reasons I can give for a thing not getting done. It’s all bull.

There are real limitations, but we can’t blame these for one second if we haven’t eradicated failure habits in ourselves.

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