Maintenance Is Everything

When a problem arises in your car, the sooner you take care of it the better. Delay can make things far worse. 

Maintenance makes things easier or prevents trouble, we know that. What we don’t always realize is that for some things, maintenance is everything. There are no moments where you can sit down and make everything right at once.

You can’t brush your teeth once a year for 2 hours and expect to maintain dental health. You can’t talk to a friend once every 3 months and expect to stay close. You can’t spend one weekend camping with your kids and expect to earn their trust. You can’t wait to pay off debt until you have the full amount needed in cash. You can’t lose all your weight in January.

Going into a new year is the time everyone focuses on what they want to accomplish, and that’s a good thing. Far better is to focus on the habits you can maintain that will bring you to your goals on autopilot.

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