You Have Time to Read

I began reading The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt and was struck by this passage in the prologue.

The President manages to get through at least one book a day even when he is busy. Owen Wister has lent him a book shortly before a full evening’s entertainment at the White House, and been astonished to hear a complete review of it over breakfast. “Somewhere between six one evening and eight-thirty next morning, beside his dressing and his dinner and his guests and his sleep, he had read a volume of three-hundred-and-odd pages, and missed nothing of significance that it contained.” On evenings . . . when he had no official entertaining to do, Roosevelt will read two or three books entire.

The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, Edmund Morris

This was a regular habit, not a one time event. If he can keep such a rigorous pace as the President, couldn’t we manage to read at least 1 book a month without fail?

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