20 Things 2020 Taught Me

  1. You can get in shape without a gym.
  2. Eating out is overrated.
  3. Life can change overnight.
  4. “I’m so Lonesome I Could Cry” is the saddest song ever written.
  5. Contentment can be found inside your home, but you don’t always know this until you have to do it.
  6. Simple pleasures are the real pleasures: wildflowers planted in an unused patch of dirt; a robin bouncing around the yard; drawing dinosaurs in notebooks with your son, working out with a friend socially distanced in the quiet of the early morning.
  7. Music, as usual, helps get you through.
  8. Lennon Stella is incredibly underrated.
  9. There are hundreds of undiscovered sights in your own neighborhood that you’ll never see until you walk in it. Even on walk number 50, you might find something new.
  10. I have many kind neighbors, some of whom I never met until I walked when there was nothing else to do.
  11. Though we say facts are primary, emotions often lead our lives, from politics to social issues to matters of public health to religion. (Of course if didn’t learn this for the first time in 2020, but this reality became vivid.)
  12. We could have been more efficient long ago. (Think of the in person meetings that could be had over Zoom.)
  13. Some things are inefficient on purpose because they connect us as humans, and we shouldn’t let them go. (Think of in person meetings that do more to build camaraderie than get tasks accomplished.)
  14. Griddles are better than grills.
  15. Smashing burgers as hard as you can on a griddle mimics the restaurant style more closely than anything else. (I can’t tell you how many burgers I cooked on a grill that puffed up and came off as thick as a baseball.)
  16. Sports are kind of boring.
  17. Life is so much more than the experiences you can buy.
  18. Dollar store puzzles are missing a piece. (Not always, but it happened to me twice in a row.)
  19. Buffets are disgusting. (I know, most people already thought they were, but now I feel they will become a thing of the past.)
  20. Hard times eventually pass.

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