3 of My Favorite Workouts

Disclaimer: Exercise at your own risk. Listen to your body. I am not responsible for you hurting yourself doing one of these workouts.

Workout 1 – 300 Air Squats

This workout comes from my very favorite fitness account online, @DadWOD on Instagram.


300 Air Squats for time

Every 30 squats, pause and do:

-15 Hand-Release Pushups

-15 Sit Ups

Put another way, set a timer and do 10 rounds of:

-30 Squats

-15 Hand-Release Pushups

-15 Sit Ups

See the demonstration here.

What I love about it.

  1. You need no equipment at all, only your body.
  2. There’s nowhere to hide on the pushups since you’re releasing your hands off the ground every time you go down. None of that half-way junk.
  3. It’s full-body and the 300 squats target your biggest muscle groups.

CAUTION: I am personally not a fan of sit ups. This workout rubbed the skin on my lower back raw. My new substitute for sit ups is a 4-count flutter kick (demo here).

Workout 2 – Kettlebell Khaos

This is my favorite kettlebell workout. When I first started doing it, I couldn’t get through the first round (there are 3). I’ll never forget the feeling when I finished the whole thing for the first time. It was blissful in one way and grueling in another.

Here’s the video that explains the workout:

And here’s the whole thing in text:

Round 1 – 10 mins

This round is an AMRAP (As Many Reps/Rounds as Possible), and you alternate the sides you work. Work through all 6 on the left side, then all 6 on the right, and repeat continuously for 10 minutes.

5 Kettlebell Pushup
5 Row
5 Deadlift
5 Cleans
5 Racked Squat
5 Shoulder Press

Round 2 – 40s work/20s rest
Goblet Squat & Reverse Lunge
Alternating Single-Arm Swing
Cross-Body Clean
Swing to Squat

Repeat for other side of body.

Round 3
Kettlebell Swing/Burpee
1 swing/7 burpees

I started this workout with a 35 lb. kettlebell and couldn’t finish. Unless you’re in great shape, I would recommend starting lighter.

What I love about it.

  1. It’s very difficult.
  2. It’s full-body like few workouts are. I’m not sure if anything isn’t worked out here.
  3. I just feels so good to complete it.

CAUTION: Before you jump in to a kettlebell workout, please make sure you understand how to execute the movements.

Workout 3 – The Pfeil Pfurnace

If you really want to feel an insane burn in your whole body with a focus on your legs, here’s your plan.

For Time
-80 kettlebell goblet thrusters (demo)
-80 kettlebell swings (demo)
-80 kettlebell goblet reverse lunges (demo, but don’t do just one leg)
-40 burpees (demo)

This usually takes me about 18:00 minutes, and every minute is awful. It always gives me butterflies before I start; I always want to quit before the end.

I’ve worked through this sequentially, doing only thrusters until I’ve done 80, then moving on to swings, etc. You can also break it up into 4 rounds of 20 of each exercise. It’s impossible to make it easy, and that’s the point.

(My friends came up with this name after I put them through this workout one morning, and I changed the spelling for branding purposes.)

What I love about it.

  1. It’s very intense. You can feel the burn all day.
  2. It’s named after me.
  3. It focuses on the major muscles of your body, as good workouts should.

CAUTION: This workout could make you extremely sore. The first time I did it with a 35 lb. kettlebell, I was miserably sore for 5+ days.

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