A Missing Element to Balance

Obviously, balance is important. We have no problem conceiving of the need for rest-work balance, or social time and solitude, or nutritious and non-nutritious foods.

Yet when I picture balance I tend to picture a static scale like this.

Photo by Piret Ilver on Unsplash

Sometimes this is an accurate image, but when we think about our lives, it falls short because it fails to consider time and motion.

We like the idea of arriving, of setting things up the right way and leaving them alone. But life moves. You can never dial in the right balance of a thing once and for all and leave it alone.

Life balance is more like walking than it is adding weight to a static scale. When you walk, some of your weight is on your right foot, then most of your weight, then all of it. And then it’s time to balance. What was needed one second ago is the opposite of what is needed now. One second ago it was all about the right foot, but now it’s all about the left.

If you get tired of balancing and decide to plant both feet at the same time, you’ll simply stop moving.

I’ve often been discouraged at my constant need to rebalance, but maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be. Maybe the day I “arrive” is the day I stop moving forward.

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